Work is nature’s physician and is essential to human happiness”   Galen 129-199 AD
Work is good for our mental wellbeing, provided we are not exposed to excessive stress. It gives us a sense of purpose and connection. However the number of people experiencing  mental ill health at work is increasing – one in six employees are now likely to experience some form of mental distress at any one time. This suggests that the causes and effects of mental ill health at work are often not well managed. 
Mental Health and Safety is about recognising that mental health is just as important as
physical health when it comes to keeping people safe and well at work
When someone is experiencing difficulties with their mental health at work early intervention and support are essential and help maximise the likelihood of a positive outcome. However because of the stigma, fear and misunderstanding that still surround mental health, concerns are often not addressed in a timely or effective manner. One third of people with enduring mental health conditions say they have been dismissed or forced to resign from employment. The impact of this is huge, both for individuals and the organisations that employ them.
Our focus here at Mental Health and Safety is to keep employees mentally well at work, enabling people to retain employment and perform at their best. We offer training, support and consultancy to create healthier, happier and more resilient workplaces and people.

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