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Hello, I’m Alex Langridge and I developed the Mental Health and Safety approach to managing mental health in the workplace in response to my own experiences of managing a long standing anxiety disorder and depression at work.

Previously employed as a Health and Safety Inspector by the HSE,  I gained experience and knowledge of organisational stress management and developed a keen interest in the subject. I moved on to specialise in mental health and employment in 2008 when I went to work for The Richmond Fellowship as a Senior Employment Adviser in a job retention project.

I also trained in 2008 to be come an instructor in Mental Health First Aid, teaching people skills to support others when they experience emotional or mental distress. This has recently become a rapidly growing area of work that I am called on to deliver since more workplaces are becoming aware of the need to address the issues around mental health at work and provide good quality training to managers and other key staff.

Offering a range of interventions and consultation options, I help employers understand more about mental health and how to create more mentally healthy workplaces. Training courses increase awareness and develop essential skills and confidence. I also offer employees workshops and one to one support, enabling them to make changes and improve their mental wellbeing at work.



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